RV and Motorhome

RV and motorhome audio/video systems can be the most difficult of all to design and install. The ample space and power that a motorhome provides lend themselves to many options, questions, and concerns.

RV2The first question we ask our customers to consider is how do you plan to use this system? Zoning is the most important aspect to consider when answering this question. Do you want all speakers and video screens to play the same content at all times, or do you want to be able to play different content in the front, back, and outside of the RV? Do you want to be able to control the volume separately in each of these locations? When you consider how much time is spent on the road, the ability to have multiple zones and be quite appealing to allow the driver to control his stereo separate from the passengers in the back. Another important question is what capabilities do you want your AV system to have? RV1These capabilities include satellite radio, TV and internet connectivity, Blu-ray and game console capabilities, and many others.

Installing these systems can also be quite challenging. The most difficult part of a motorhome is that they involve either 12v or 110v power sources or a combination of the two. It is vitally important to know which source you are drawing from. Another important consideration is that the equipment must work both while driving and while parked. Aside from the world of wiring, the mounting of the equipment is equally as important. Since much of your time in a motorhome is spent driving, equipment must be mounted very securely and in some cases, must be able to be quickly and easily stowed away. This can be tricky, especially with wall-mounted TVs since motorhome walls are often thin and not well supported. Extreme care must be taken any time you drill, cut, or screw into an RV.

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