Servicing Specialty Vehicles

Let SAS get your specialty vehicle serviced the right way by professionals that do this for a living.  Not only do we build specialty vehicles, but we help you take care of them. We can perform the maintenance the way that it  needs to be done, they are special and require certain products to keep your investment running the right way. Let our  professional team take care of all your servicing needs. 

Do you have custom car, lifted truck, street racer, classic, or hot rod?  Have you put many painstaking hours into your vehicle to have it taken to shops that just can’t quite figure it out right? Great news, it’s what we do, we spend our life working on these vehicles and we know them like the back of our hands! Correcting issues with vehicles is our passion and we tune them to create perfect balance and drivability for ultimate driver performance. 

What SAS Customs can do?

  • Lifted, lowered, retro mod suspensions, custom application shocks, coil-overs,performance brakes and all that’s needed to make them work.
  • Electrical- problems, repairs, custom electronics and we pride ourselves on keeping the stock look.
  • Tune-ups for carbureted, EFI, super-charged & turbo cars
  • Interiors – Custom and OEM
  • Repairs; window regulators, lock mechanisms, weather stripping, scarpers, ETC.
  • Specialty wheels and tires, custom fitment and offsets. 
  • Lighting upgrades, headlights, auxiliary lighting, ETC.

Don’t waste time and money on shops that don’t know custom, stop paying for the guess work, come to us to have it done from the start through the end and we’ll perform the maintenance of your vehicle for life.