Marine1Marine grade audio systems are very difficult to design and install. Not only do they have to endure the extreme conditions that come from being on the water, but they can be intricate and involved systems.

Obviously, the most important part of a marine grade audio system is that it must be waterproof, but that applies to more than just the speakers. The amplifiers, head unit, fuses, connections, and even the wire need to be waterproof. On top of that, boats are in the sun at all times and are often operated in very bumpy conditions. This means the equipment must be fade resistant as well as very secure. The last thing anyone wants it for a 40 lb. subwoofer to break loose from its mount and land on them. Another tricky aspect of marine installation is mounting the equipment. One misplaced drill bit or hole drilled too deeply could destroy the integrity of the hull and what good is a boat that can’t float?

Designing a marine audio system can also be challenging depending on the customer’s needs. There are many questions that must be asked before beginning this process. Do you want one central system that plays throughout the boat or do you want zones so that the volume and media can be different in different areas? Do you want the system to be heard outside of the boat for water skiing, wakeboarding, tubing, and swimming? How much power will you want to draw and how much power does the boat have to offer before leaving you stranded? Once these and many other questions have been answered, we can begin the process of designing and pricing a system that meets your needs.

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