Harley Davidson

Harley2In the past few years, audio upgrades for your Harley Davidson have become much more available. The biggest of these advances has been the ability to make high-end amps in compact sizes. Space and power consumption are the biggest challenges when designing a system for a Harley Davidson. Bagger bikes offer the most options. The bags can be fitted with bass drivers or speaker pods can even be molded into the lids. Another difficulty is that between wind noise and the sound of the exhaust, an audio system must be very loud and well-tuned to be heard while going down the road. Speaker size, speaker placement, amp power, and the number of speakers must all be considered to overcome this dilemma. We even offer a full line of custom bat-wing fairings that can be quickly and easily detached from your bike. Harley1They come with endless options from quad speakers to navigation and can be perfectly color matched to your Harley.

Besides upgrading the audio for your bike, we are an authorized dealer for an extensive line of aftermarket Harley Davidson parts. We carry everything from wheels and tires to suspension and brake upgrades to controls to custom seats to lighting and even body parts. We can take your stock bike to a fully customized, show winning Harley Davidson or anywhere in-between.

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