sascustoms-aboutHi… I’m John Umberger, Founder of Serious About Sound and SAS Customs, Coopersburg, PA

I’ve been in the electronics industry for over 25 years, and have been customizing and building “anything with wheels” for over 30 years. I have vast experience in troubleshooting complex problems, designing complete systems and in providing excellent customer service.

For years I was frustrated with unprofessional big box stores and how many local car audio shops treated their customers. To many of these places their customers (their most valuable assets) were all, but forgotten or not much more than another job ticket.

That was unacceptable.

When I started Serious About Sound I decided to set an example I could be proud of by offering top brand name products, affordable prices and exceptional customer service.

Serious About Sound is passionate about everything we do from custom audio installations to adding the right accessories to your vehicle.

We pay close attention to the smallest details because that is what you deserve. We specialize in creating audio systems that leave the vehicle looking as stock as possible and able to be returned to stock if desired. We also do fully custom installations and install many other types of mobile electronics.

Now we have expanded…
Serious About Sound and SAS Customs have joined forces!Not only do we provide the best in mobile audio electronics, but we also offer a full line of top name car, truck and 4wd accessories for your vehicle. While our name may have changed the way we do business hasn’t.

We continue to take pride in everything we do, from taking on jobs that most other shops refuse due to lack of skill or because they are too difficult to integrate with aftermarket equipment.

Our technicians are fluent in such vehicles such as custom hot rods, Harley Davidson motorcycles, RV, 4WD and boat.We are equipped and skilled to handle projects which can be timidating to all, but highly skilled professional installers.RV systems are another specialty which can be difficult to design and install by anyone other than a highly skilled technician.

We have the knowledge tools, and expertise to complete the projects that nobody else can and we make them absolutely amazing.

Whether you are looking for a high quality audio system or accessories for your car, truck, 4WD, RV, motorcycle or boat you should give us a call – you will be glad you did.

We address the needs of all levels of customers from beginner to expert, highly tuned audiophiles to the most extreme off-road enthusiast and everyone I between.

Call 610.346.9333 and ask for me, John, because you deserve to talk to the guy who owns the shop.